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Weekly Essentials

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What is it?

Save yourself six boring clicks by adding seven healthy skin must-haves in one go! Featuring Fancy Face, Properly Clean, Much Brighter Skin, Much Plumper Skin, Exfoliating Swipeys, Face Hero, and your choice between Very Useful Face Cream and Very Lightweight Moisturiser, the Weekly Essentials set has everything you need to create a useful, effective, enjoyable skin care routine.

All orders of Weekly Essentials also come with a cute, fluffy, free peach bow bag to store all your Go-To and give your bathroom the illusion of organisation. Ziptastic!

Not sure which moisturiser is your perfect match? We can help!


Bow Bag

Seven essential products. One radiant routine.

How Do I Use This Set?

Apply your products from thickest to thinnest, every morning and night. And always add SPF in the daytime. (We’ll know if you don’t.)

By thinnest to thickest we mean this: Cleanser/s, exfoliants, and then serum/s. What you follow on with next will depend on which moisturiser you select. If you opt for Very Lightweight Moisturiser it would go on after serums and then you would finish with face oil. If you opt for Very Useful Face Cream, you can apply your face oil first and then finish with moisturiser.

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